Traditional Insulation

At Home Comfort Solutions, we believe that in the interest of healthy homes, foam is always the best option, though we realize there is a time and place for traditional insulation.  The main use of traditional insulation is adding to existing insulation to help R-value at a low cost.

How do I know if I need to “top off” my insulation?

When determining if you should “Top Off” your existing insulation, you or a trained professional should inspect and measure your existing insulation. Depending on the existing insulation, and the location, an acceptable goal is to have a fluffy 14-16′′ on the attic floor. Adding additional insulation will often times help in your home’s transfer of heat, however, is not often the solution for significant impact. It is recommended that if your current insulation is damaged due to rodents or water, the insulation should be removed before adding new.

To make this process as clean and smooth as possible, when removing traditional insulation, we will use a specific shop vac made for insulation, to properly exit your home. We do this by vacuuming the insulation out of the area, like your attic or crawlspace, without tracking it through your home. This way, the product will not be in the attic or in the trash. We carry a large bag in our insulation trailer so we can dispose of it for you. This process is typically done in one day and is a very straightforward process.

Traditional Insulation Types We Offer:

Insulation Type Used In… Attic Crawlspace Walls
Blown-in Fiberglass X
Blown-in Cellulose X
Fiberglass Batt Insulation X X X

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