We Keep Your Home’s
Heating and Cooling Systems
Running Smoothly

Like your car, your heating and air systems need regular maintenance to keep them operating efficiently. Without this maintenance, your systems are at higher risk of frequent breakdowns and inefficient operation, causing high costs to you.


Typically, maintenance on your heating and cooling systems is not thought of until there is an issue with the system itself. What most homeowners do not realize is that your HVAC system in your home was designed to have maintenance every six months.


  • two annual maintenance visits per year

  • 23 point inspection performed by certified technicians

  • includes acid wash of outdoor condenser coil

  • 20% discount on all repairs

  • 10% discount on all accessories

  • 5% on equipment replacement

  • 5 year parts warranty on all repairs

  • priority service for all appointments

By having this yearly maintenance your systems can benefit by:

  • Longer equipment lifespan

  • Lower utilities costs

  • Higher energy efficiency

  • Reduced system breakdown

  • Assurance of safe equipment operation

  • Improved comfort and reliability

At Home Comfort Solutions, we use a multi-point checklist to properly assess your heating and cooling equipment listed below.

  • Monitor and Test for carbon monoxide

  • Inspect and clean furnace burners assembly front cover and combustion box (if applicable)

  • Inspect flue system to insure ventilation of furnace gasses.

  • Inspect and test heat exchanger for cracks or leaks

  • Test gas ignition system and flame sensors for proper operation

  • Check gas line connections for leaks and proper installation

  • Measure gas manifold pressure and adjust if needed

  • Measure High and Low voltage and record readings.

  • Measure system start and running amps

  • Measure start and run capacitor for compressor and condenser fan motor

  • Inspect all High and Low voltage electrical connections

  • Measure refrigerant pressures

  • Clean condensate drain, and/or Clean and cycle condensate pump (if applicable)

  • Inspect contactors, relays and control boards for proper operation.

  • Acid Wash outdoor condenser coil clean all debris from around unit

  • Lubricate accessible motors and bearings (if applicable)

  • Measure and record temperature difference

  • Check evaporator coil for proper drainage

  • Check Blower Motor and Capacitor operation

  • Inspect/Test all water safety overflow safety controls

  • Check thermostat Calibration

  • Inspect ductwork for proper installation

USA Pricing Chart

Yearly: $159 Yearly: $99
Monthly: $15/month Monthly: $9/month

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