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DO you have an odd room in your home that is always uncomfortable and a different temperature that the rest of the home?

Sometimes rooms like sunrooms, basements, bonus rooms, and even buildings require a more compact heating a cooling system. Mini splits are ductless units that can help control the temperature of that specific room better than a stand-alone unit in many cases.

Often times mini-splits are used to replace existing whole home systems due to their increased energy efficiency, and the specificity of comfort provided. One of the many benefits of this is that one required outdoor unit can run up to 8 indoor units which gives you specific temperature control in each room. Eliminating dusting, dirty, ductwork is both energy efficient as well as beneficial to your family’s health.At Home Comfort Solutions, we install Mitsubishi mini-splits to upgrade your uncomfortable spaces.

If your current mini-split needs service, we have trained technicians who specialize in all makes and models of mini-split equipment.

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