RetroFoam™ is typically installed from the outside of your home thereby eliminating the need to disturb your interior living space. A certified RetroFoam™ technician drills small holes through the exterior of your home and into each wall cavity. Then, RetroFoam™ is injected into each hole. Once the entire wall cavity is filled, the holes are plugged, and the exterior of your home shows no signs of our installation process – it’s that simple!

Most RetroFoam installation can be completed in one day, and you’ll experience the benefits immediately! With RetroFoam™, there is no need to tear open walls, move furniture, or create a mess inside your home. RetroFoam™ is the mess-free and hassle-free solution to your insulation needs!

Typically Completed in One Day


Home Comfort Solutions offers a Lifetime Warranty on the product and workmanship of our foam insulation services. The Lifetime Warranty is transferable, which means the benefits of RetroFoam™ add permanent value to your home, even if you decide to sell.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When injected into the wall cavities, RetroFoam™ will compress the existing fiberglass insulation and fill all the voids in the entire cavity.

Yes! Regardless of the siding type (brick, vinyl, stone, etc.), our expert installers inject RetroFoam™ into the wall cavity from the exterior of the home.

Our hassle-free installation process is usually completed within a day.

Absolutely! RetroFoam™ does not emit any harmful gases during the installation process, so it’s safe for you and your family to be in your home during the entire process, in fact we encourage it!

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